What is A Website Wireframe?

by Hans

What is A Website Wireframe?

A website wireframe is a visual guide which shows rough arrangements of website contents, navigations, and other interface elements. A wireframe usually lacks visual decorations such as typographic styles or graphics — and is primarily created to help stakeholders focus on functionalities, behaviour, and content priority.

Just like sketching is crucial for painters, so is website wireframing to website designers. Wireframing is a quick and simple way to visualise how people will navigate your website and interpret the information inside it. Including a wireframe early in your web development workflow will greatly help you focus on fulfilling your website goals first before polishing petty graphical details.

As change becomes more costly at later stages of development, it is advisable to make your biggest changes as early as possible. A wireframe can help web designers to inexpensively experiment with different layouts and figure out which one will work best to fulfill your website goals.

Are you planning to start a new website? You can begin by sketching a simple wireframe.

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